Self-service in practice! PowerPay offers complete solutions for managing, activating and charging for the use of a number of different devices. Everything via the cloud. One of them is power poles for campsites and marinas.

Do you get paid for the power you sell? 

With PowerPay you can easily ensure that each guest pays for their consumption. Ensure liquidity with monthly payment for your seasonal guests with a fully automated solution.

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Why PowerPay:


Powerpay gives you full control over your electricity consumption.

With PowerPay Manager, you get a direct overview of your electricity consumption.

Alarms if something is abnormal.

PowerPay provides a greater return on electricity sales, and at the same time an easier everyday life.

Not coin or card machines, just a simple app.


Campsites with PowerPay


App easy to use

The customer scans the QR code with the phone -> confirms payment -> the power is on. Exit -> payment is charged -> amount transferred to campsite.


Full overview

With the accompanying monitoring tool, the campsite has a full overview of electricity consumption. Right down to every single outlet.
It provides unique opportunities to be at the forefront.
Get a notification if the guest has used maximum capacity over a longer period (indication of, for example, charging an electric car), or in the event of a fuse failure.



Which pole is best for you?

We work closely with all the biggest pole manufacturers to enable you to both invest in new poles and upgrade your existing poles.

Reading or self-service?

We have solutions aimed at both seasonal guests, 24-hour guests and self-service places.



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Email: joakim@powerpay.no

Telefon: +45730370



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