2020park – a world champion in sustainability. Chooses a smarter energy system with allmy.energy

Nearly a hundred years after it was first built as a brewery, 2020park stands today as a vibrant business center housing modern technology and sustainable solutions. In 2005, Ringnes discontinued local beer and mineral water production at the Tou brewery in Stavanger.

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IOT Solutions AS is a distributor for Eastron Europe Ltd.

IOT Solutions AS is a distributor for Eastron Europe Ltd. Eastron is a prominent high-tech company specializing in electrical measuring instruments. With advanced technology and a focus on research, development, production, and sales of smart meters and solutions, Eastron maintains a strong commitment to quality. Eastron has built an excellent reputation in more than 50 countries and offers products that comply with European MID B, CE, and ROHS 2.0 standards, as well as ISO9001:2008 and MID D certification. Eastron is known for reliability, competitive prices, and outstanding sales support. We not only provide existing products but also tailor-made solutions. Continuous improvements ensure that one maintains a competitive edge in a dynamic industry.

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Get complete overview of your power consumption with allmy.energy

Norway is now experiencing a record high price for electricity. By using our newly developed application; allmy.energy you can easily get a detailed and intuitive presentation of your power consumption and the costs associated with it. Unlike existing solutions, we also show the current grid rental cost.

You can easily simulate how a reduction in electricity consumption, maximum power consumption, or a change in spot price will impact your electricity bill.

allmy.energy is free for personal use. Register and get an overview of your household's electricity consumption. The possibility of changing the energy supplier directly from our application will soon be launched. allmy.energy will then find the energy company that offers the lowest price based on your actual usage pattern.

If you are a business customer and need a reporting tool for energy consumption, allmy.energy can be an excellent choice.

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We are digitizing the campsites - with the newly developed solution; PowerPay

IOT Solutions offers complete solutions for administration, activating, and charging for the use of a variety of devices. All through cloud solutions, one of them is the smart pole for distributing power at campsites and marinas.

The concept works like this: The customer scans a QR code with a phone -> confirms payment -> the outlet turns on. When the session is ended -> payment is charged -> amount transferred to the campsite.
Simple and easy, self-service in practice.

Larger and more advanced caravans, combined with more electric cars, lead to increased electrical energy consumption. A recurring problem at campsites is therefore that the fuses blow. With PowerPay, it is also possible to charge for the power, which reduces power peaks and then also the chance that a fuse blow. The campsite sets its own pricing model.

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New DigiFactory Server

IOT Solutions has developed its own DigiFactory server.
The server is a platform for integrating standard systems such as Maintenance, ERP, SCADA, along with new solutions based on the Internet Of Things.
The app helps with:
-Reduction of maintenance costs
-Optimization of energy consumption
-Reduction of production costs

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Solution for building automation and energy saving

IOT Solutions has created a building automation system, which lets building managers operate a building remotely from anywhere.

The system allows the building managers to change building setpoints – that is, the points in which an energy system such as a heater switches on or off – on request or from a centralised calendar. This can be done for any building, responding autonomously to, for instance, time of day or changes in weather.

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Cooperation leads to digital mailboxes

Thanks to a good idea, Stansefabrikken Home has together with IOT Solutions, and with contribution from Innovasjon Norge, developed a new solution for mailboxes. Stansefabrikken Home and IOT Solutions have over time cooperated to create digital mailboxes. The solution is now being rolled out, and first in line is the Norwegian market.

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Total Energy Management

With our solution you get full overview of the entire energy range be it:
-Power consumption directly from the power meter
-Own production of electricity from solar cells
-Consumption on each course
-Remaining energy on battery
-Energy consumption on district heating
The system can give an alarm in case of undesirable or high consumption and shut down energy supply if necessary

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We deliver as a service

A more efficient administration and follow-up means that by optimizing setup and strengthening follow-up can achieve a great energy saving. We have seen that easily achieves a savings of 30% to 40% only on energy consumption.
In addition, you can calculate the cost savings by being able to remotely operate built from mobile devices. This entails significant cost reduction.
We install, operate and monitor the solution as needed.

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January 24, 2024

2020park – a world champion in sustainability. Chooses a smarter energy system with allmy.energy

Nearly a hundred years after it was first built as a brewery, 2020park stands today as a vibrant business center housing modern technology and sustainable solutions

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January 2, 2024

IoT Solutions enters a new collaboration: A groundbreaking alliance with Eastron Europe

In a world where technology continually transforms how we live and work, IoT Solutions has announced an exciting new partnership with Eastron Europe, a leading high-tech manufacturer and supplier of MID-approved energy meters.

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November 30, 2023

IoT Solutions is surging forward with its innovative solutions.

"Is this one of the most promising companies we currently have in the region? IoT Solutions is truly making a mark with several exciting products in the field of power and energy – and develops all solutions in-house at the tech hub in Lumber with a continually expanding team.

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