DigiFactory is a major and important focus area for all businesses. An effective and good introduction can be critical to the competitiveness of the future. However, companies already have a portfolio of software one must take into account in the introduction. IOT Solutions DigiFactory Server aims to leverage what you have, make existing solutions better and bring out the benefits of introducing new technology.

About DigiFactory Server

In the DigiFactory Server, we integrate information from the company‘s standard systems within:

  • ERP systems
  • Maintenance System
  • Historian
  • Condition Monitoring

The DigiFactory server retrieves the relevant data from the various systems and unify data so that they are suitable for modern processing within machine learning and artificial intelligence.

The system contains standard procedures for setting up monitoring agents, which calculate the probability of errors and warnings at any given time.

Where can server be installed?


Digi Factory Server can be installed at the enterprise or in cloud solutions such as Microsoft Azure, IBM, Amazone or Digital Ocean or similar. If the solution is installed in cloud, all communication between business and cloud will be secured with VPN connection.


Prescriptive maintenance​

Prescriptive maintenance is the next big step forward in the evolution of asset management. This means moving from planned preventive maintenance to a state where required maintenance is predicted by systems, and a course of action is prescribed

  • Realtime calculation of residual life of the production equipment
  • Improve maintenance through better planning.
  • Reduction in maintenance costs of + 50%


  • Calculation of residual life
  • Registration of stop cause
  • Notification of need for maintenance
  • Machine Learning

Energy management​

Energy management includes planning and operation of energy production and energy consumption units. Objectives are resource conservation, climate protection and cost savings, while the users have permanent access to the energy they need.

  • Total overview on energy consumption
  • Energy consumption reduction 10-40%
  • Apply AI to optimize energy consumption by including host services in the calculations


  • Logging energy meters
  • E-T curves
  • Logging data directly from Smart meters


OEE is an abbreviation for the manufacturing metric Overall Equipment Effectiveness. OEE takes into account the various sub components of the manufacturing process – Availability, Performance and Quality. After the various factors are taken into account the result is expressed as a percentage. An OEE score of 100% means you are manufacturing only Good Parts, as fast as possible, with no Stop Time.

  • Increase efficiency (OEE index) through better planning and fewer stops
  • Reduce waste by using on-line quality control and condition monitoring


  • Real time calculation of the OEE index
  • Stop time registration
  • Tools switch
  • Product change
  • Production optimization

Vibration Controller

Together with Virtex, we have developed a special control for monitoring vibrations. It is well suited for condition monitoring of rotating equipment.

The Vibration Controller is a powerful computer that runs the mathematical calculations. Values can be read simultaneously on up to 8 channels at a frequency of approx. 50 kHz. Based on these calculations, we calculate Soft sensor values as an expression of state on bearings, gears, impeller or similar. These values are then included in machine learning procedures to estimate residual life.

By creating soft sensors, we reduce transportation needs in such a way that we can have unlimited sensors on the industrial network.

The vibration controllers have an easy to use configuration program that also includes a very effective trending and analysis software.

Vibration sensors

The correct sensor for the equipment is important. IOT Solutions offers a rich selection of high quality vibration sensors as needed. The sensors are designed and calibrated for each case. IOT Solutions assists in the selection of sensors.

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