Cooperation leads to digital mailboxes

Thanks to a good idea, Stansefabrikken Home has together with IOT Solutions, and with contribution from Innovasjon Norge, developed a new solution for mailboxes.

Stansefabrikken Home and IOT Solutions have over time cooperated to create digital mailboxes. The solution is now being rolled out, and first in line is the Norwegian market.

Sustainable solution

– The mailboxes have electronic locks and digital signs, which are controlled by the cloud. Access to the mailboxes can easily be changed by pushing a few buttons says Trond Bergstuen, CEO at Stansefabrikken Home.

The project has gained support from Innovation Norway.

We became excited about this idea because there are several organizations that administrate a larger number of apartments with traditional mailboxes. Today these mailboxes are opened with traditional keys and marked with engraved plastic signs. This leads to a lot of administrational work, and a non insignificant environmental impact. This is the main reason that we wanted to be part of this project, says Børre Tharaldsen, CEO at IOT Solutions.

He continues:

– Today’s trend in the market is that more and more people order and shop online. If the packages get delivered when there is nobody home to receive the packages. there might be a problem to get the orders delivered. In some cases, if the packages are delivered and laid outside of the door, they might get stolen. In other cases, the carrier delivers the packages to the nearest shop with mail delivery. With the new solution, it is possible to temporarily share the key electronical with the carrier, so the mailbox can be opened. Another challenge is companies that have a large number of apartments for rent. An example can be apartments for students. In this case, the tenants might change every year. Studentsamskipsnaden in Oslo has 25 000 apartments, and at least once a year they have to change nametag for the mailboxes. In addition, there is a lot of administrative work with the keys. Our solution contains an electronic sign where the nametag is changed electronically.


With the new solution, all the mailboxes are online, and the old plastic name tag is replaced with a digital display. In the application software, the name can easily be changed, and the text will continue to be displayed if the power disappears. The mailboxes can be opened with most types of RFID-card/tags or with the app on the cellphone. The solution made for sharing access to for example the mail delivery, so there is no need to be home to receive packages.


– This solution will significantly streamline and simplify everyday life for our customers. In addition, there will be a significant environmental benefit. We choose to cooperate with IOT Solutions because this is a company with high competence in software and electronics. They are in a position to complete a project which includes the development of both software and necesary electronics, says Bergstuen.

– The solution includes and uses the latest in IOT-technology, and shows that digitalization is important in all markets, says Tharaldsen.

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