2020park – a world champion in sustainability. Chooses a smarter energy system with allmy.energy

Nearly a hundred years after it was first built as a brewery, 2020park stands today as a vibrant business center housing modern technology and sustainable solutions

In 2005, Ringnes discontinued local beer and mineral water production at the Tou brewery in Stavanger. Now, the industrial area has transformed into a business park with approximately 40 different tenants and a goal of building an additional 5000 to 10,000 m2 of office space per year. 2020park aims to become the most pleasant office park in the Stavanger region, facilitating well-being and efficiency for park tenants and users through sustainable and innovative solutions. See the 2020park website for more information.

Transitioning from a production facility to a business park with multiple tenants requires an efficient and fair energy cost distribution system. With numerous tenants, constant adjustments are necessary due to tenant turnover and changes in lease agreements.

2020park has implemented allmy.energy, a comprehensive system for automatic meter reading, energy monitoring, and cost allocation for various energy carriers such as electricity, district cooling, district heating, and more.

The business park inherited the old energy structure from the brewery. With so many tenants, it became necessary to install new energy meters for both exclusive and shared areas to ensure fair distribution. Energy consumption is collected on an hourly basis for all forms of energy. Based on this data, the actual cost, including grid fees and other public charges, is automatically calculated.

Solar power generation and automatic electricity billing

2020park has installed its own solar power system, a move towards partial energy independence, emphasizing its commitment to sustainability. This system is crucial for providing environmentally friendly electricity, and allmy.energy plays a central role in ensuring a fair distribution of solar energy and regular electricity supply among tenants. Tenants pay the spot price for all the electricity they use, and grid fees are distributed proportionally based on consumption. If tenants do not use all the energy produced by the solar panels, the surplus energy income goes to the owner.

allmy.energy handles this billing process continuously.

Hydronic heating

The brewery was originally connected to public district heating and cooling. In addition, 2020Park has installed its own geothermal heat pump. Here too, serial meters for heating have been established to ensure fair cost distribution with automatic billing.

Wireless data collection with Lorawan


Covering a large area, 2020park has established a flexible measurement structure using wireless communication with Lorawan technology. It’s easy to modify the measurement structure and adapt to new distributions. Data is collected from electricity meters, hydronic heating, and district cooling. By using Lorawan technology, 2020Park has saved significant cabling costs.


Eastron energy meters elevate the project

allmy.energy collaborates with Eastron Europe, a world-leading high-tech manufacturer and supplier of MID-approved energy meters. They are a recognized player in the energy monitoring industry, and the physical meters installed in the 2020park building not only contribute to efficient energy consumption but also meet today’s environmental and technological requirements for sustainable buildings. (Read more about the partnership here: LINK).

Jarle Oftedal, Property Manager at 2020park, is satisfied with the system. With allmy.energy, he has access to automated invoicing data, significantly reducing the workload for billing. “allmy.energy has excelled in collecting and organizing data in a way that is both clear and easy to understand,” says Jarle Oftedal.

allmy.energy’s contribution to the energy management project for 2020park has been an exciting journey from the beginning. 2020park has experienced significant benefits, not only in terms of increased efficiency but also through substantial cost savings related to cabling and energy management. This project stands as a shining example of how an old traditional building can transform into a modern business hub with a green focus and intelligent energy management. Hopefully, such an innovative approach can set a new standard for commercial properties in the future.

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