With PowerPay, Leangbukten Båtforening sets a new standard for payment and energy management for marinas

IoT Solutions, developer of the PowerPay payment system, has recently entered into an agreement with Leangbukten Båtforening, one of Norway's largest marinas.

Through this agreement, IoT Solutions will upgrade 270 power poles with 1080 contacts of their smart product, PowerPay Connect Slim , revolutionizing the way power is handled throughout the marina.

PowerPay Connect Slim is designed to convert existing electricity poles into smart devices and thus provides the possibility of a seamless payment solution for used electricity for boat owners. With this system, guests in the marina can easily pay for accurate electricity consumption. In addition, the work with manual readings for electricity per pole is eliminated and calculations of electricity quantity, online rental and invoicing are more precise for the boating association.

PowerPay streamlines the marina’s operation by providing a more accurate settlement of electricity consumption and reducing discussions about electricity bills in the marina. The accompanying PowerPay app offers users a simple and clear way to monitor and manage their electricity consumption.

For the Leangbukten Båtforening, this represents a significant increase in efficiency. We are moving from spending a lot of time and resources on manual processes for current reading to a fully digitized and accurate solution. This solution will give users a fair payment system, ” says Erik Roede, general manager of Leangbukten Båtforening.

This collaboration marks a significant milestone for IoT Solutions, and highlights the company’s dedication to offering cutting-edge and environmentally friendly solutions.

Through this implementation, we demonstrate our commitment to contribute to a more efficient and intelligent future. With a good overview of the consumption for the users and with the possibility of effect-based pricing, this solution will help to reduce power consumption “, says Børre Tharaldsen, general manager of IoT Solutions.

About Leangbukten Båtforening

Leangbukten Båtforening is one of the country’s largest boating associations with approx. 2,800 members and approx. 1,300 boat berths. The small boat harbor is located deep in Leangbukta in Asker Municipality. The cooperative was started as early as 1981. The marina is state-of-the-art and under continuous development and improvement.

About IOT Solutions

IOT Solutions is an IT company in Kristiansand that develops and delivers standard solutions for energy services. The solutions cover reporting of energy consumption, energy costs, simulation, analysis and energy management. Of products we can mention:

PowerPay is a fully automated payment solution where the customer is charged according to their own consumption. With the help of this solution, you can charge for electricity, water and other measurable units.

The system can be integrated into most new power poles or you can upgrade existing suitable power poles. Standard poles are typically used for campsites, marinas and caravan sites, land current and event current.

allmy.energy which is our energy service system where we:

  • Retrieves data from all types of energy (submeters) meters, solar systems, heat pumps, district heating, district cooling either directly, wirelessly or via other EOS systems or SD facilities.
  • Calculates cost based on current prices and online rental tariffs
  • Distributes these automatically to tenants

Kristiansand / Asker, 1st  of April 2024

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