IOT Solutions has developed software tools that provide an overview of consumption and energy need. The tools provide also smarter control directly from a computer, IPad, or smartphone. With IOT Solutions software it is quick and easy to get an overview of power consumption and reactive effect, everything all the way down to the hourly level. With the tools, you can easily identify peaks for effects and energy consumptions for your business. AS is an affiliate company of IOT Solutions AS. We are experiencing a high demand for good reporting of energy usage in companies throughout the country. Our customers range from large municipalities,  industries and campsites.

The reporting tool is designed to illustrate the entire energy picture in a simple way for the customer. In addition to seeing electricity consumption, you also have the opportunity to see the electricity price. We also have a price database that contains tariffs from all network operators in our elongated country. This gives you a comprehensive picture. In fact, some of our customers have saved several hundred thousand by doing invoice control of the network fee in Network operators can also make mistakes, and here you have the opportunity to take control yourself.

The area price varies depending on where you live in Norway, and if you are doing an investment analysis, you need to take this into account. When you see all the price elements together with your consumption, you have the opportunity in to simulate what the reduction in consumption and effect actually means for your bill.


Register as a user here:Register reporting: supports the collection of consumption data from all energy sources. We give you the opportunity to see the entire cost picture of energy consumption. We are Elhub certified and have our own price database for all network tariffs in the country. In addition, we add price information for project-specific energy consumption, such as district heating and solar collectors metering:

We specialize in data collection of energy data. This means that we can retrieve data from existing metering equipment or provide you with the equipment you need to gain control and oversight of your consumption. We support all technologies and are happy to take on a challenge. smart detection:

Smart Detection estimates the loads and categorizes them using advanced AI technology. The device retrieves consumption from the HAN port in the AMS meter and provides a simple overview of how much electricity is being used and which categories the consumption falls under.



Energy advice:

An energy advisor can examine the building’s energy consumption and evaluate which measures can be implemented to reduce the building’s energy consumption. An example of a measure could be to implement smart control of technical systems, such as ventilation, cooling, and heating. The measures recommended and proposed by the energy advisor will ultimately reduce energy consumption. If you want an assessment of your building, energy advice is one of the services that IOT Solutions can offer.


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allmy.enegy is one of the tools IOT Solutions has developed. The tool is both an advanced and intuitive analysis tool for energy analysis. provides an overall overview of power consumption, maximum power, and reactive power, all the way down to the hourly level. Using this, you can identify power peaks and unnecessary energy consumption for your business. requires no installation, only access to the AMS meters via Elhub. All you must do is enter which meter numbers you want to get information from, and we will arrange the rest. Do you want to save energy, environment, and costs; contact us for a non-binding offer!

The majority of the companies we have looked at so far have, with the help of our, had a basis for implementing energy-saving measures. Everything from simple measures such as that it was identified that the ventilation system was on in the weekends, or more in-depth that extremely powerful energy peaks were identified in the middle of the night. The latter resulted in that by implementing corrective measures, the company achieved a saving of as much as 300,000.

If you have several buildings in your portfolio, you can easily compare the power consumption across them all against, for example, square meter size. This is how you easily get an overview of which buildings should be prioritized first with energy efficiency measures.

Our also has its own database with an updated price overview from the largest grid companies in the country. This gives you as a customer an opportunity to easily see what you can expect in electricity bills in the future, as well as the opportunity to compare how your grid company prices itself against other similar companies in the market.

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Energy monitoring system

IOT Solutions has developed an energy monitoring system, where the building manager can monitor and control several buildings from one computer, Ipad or smartphone. With this solution, the system is connected to ventilation systems, district heating, and power consumption. With the energy monitoring system, it is quick and easy to implement actions to reduce energy consumption based on the overview and increased understanding of the buildings. With an increased understanding of the buildings, continuous improvements for operating the buildings can be made.

All the buildings have an overview of imported and exported energy, effect, etc. This is shown in an overview after logging into the system. The overview includes data about the weather, power consumption, district heating, and ventilation systems. If there is a need for control of ventilation systems, manual and scheduled based control can be added. This can contribute to reduced consumption by implementing for example holidays, Sundays, or other days there is not a need for the same consumptions as regular days.

The energy monitoring system from IOT Solutions has already been installed at several customers. The installation is done by connecting directly to smart meters and energy meters for the circuits. The system then provides an accurate overview of the consumption of energy. If there is a need to expand and connect several buildings to the system, there is a simple overview of all the locations at the top level. The buildings are then listed, and it is easy to see the location of the buildings by a map.

The system also provides the possibility to drill down on a more detailed level, both graphically and in tabular view. In the graphical view, the data can be scaled from days and down to minutes.

Examples of other technical systems, functions, and data that could be connected could be light control, alarms, and weather data. If you also have solar cells and batteries installed, the production and battery levels can be monitored. The energy monitoring system is logging all data, which are the foundation for analysis and comparisons between buildings. Based on this information, IOTS Solutions can recommend further actions to reduce power consumption.

Digital smart meter (AMS)

Most houses, buildings, and businesses have now installed the newest digital smart meters. This has resulted in several new possibilities and made it easy to register the power consumption. The new smart meters provide the customers access to more detailed information and more accurate readings and calculations from the meter. It also provides the possibility to check at what time each day the consumption is at its highest.


The new smart meters have a HAN-port available for third party suppliers like IOT Solutions to connect to. This port provides real-time data, which makes it easier to get an overview and control power consumption. With this system, it is easy to identify effect peeks and unnecessary power consumption for your business.


Elhub is a neutral data hub that handles all measuring data provided by the digital smart meters in the Norwegian market. Certified third-party suppliers like IOT Solutions are using Elhub as an analyzing tool. Read more about Elhub here:

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